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What makes Collagen theory different

We are a trusted UK based business disrupting the traditional Collagen market

Collagen has been gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits. To reap the incredible benefits of collagen, you need products that meet the highest standards at an optimal concentration. Unfortunately, not all Collagen products on the market are of premium quality or come highly concentrated. Of course, there are also good quality products, but they come at a cost, quite literally!

Collagen THEORY was created out of a passion to help others become their best self. We saw an opportunity to offer premium highly concentrated collagen products at prices that won’t break the bank. Wellness and beauty drive our passion to offer affordable premium products. We are disrupting the Collagen market by providing YOU premium products at great prices because we want YOU to reap the benefits of Collagen. Our Motto is Results-driven, not Sales-driven. Our collagen is ALWAYS Kosher, Halal friendly, gluten free, non-GMO, and highly concentrated.

Our Values



we are passionate about what we do and it shows.



we do not offer cheap substandard products.



we make things simple so that YOU can focus on being your best self



inner beauty and wellness is as important as outer beauty, that’s why we care

Honest and Ethical

Honest and Ethical

we are results driven, not sales driven
responsibly sourced Marine collagen, grass-fed Bovine collagen



we have a commitment to YOU, we want you involved! Reach out on social media and tell us what YOU want from us. Check out our rewards page too!

At Collagen Theory, we are results driven, not sales driven. We believe increased sales should be the happy by-product of a high-quality, ethically sourced product, and customer satisfaction. Our customer’s health and happiness are our number one priority. To better explain our core principles, we like to start with our mission statement: Our mission is to provide the best quality collagen supplements on the market, at the best price.

Quality matters, because health is paramount. You rely on your supplements to provide a certain quality of life. You shouldn’t be let down by a product that is not of the highest standards. 

While other supplement companies focus on low prices OR high quality, Collagen theory delivers both. We combine the best of both worlds, to offer our customers the VERY BEST, at the best price possible. 

Our company tagline is: The Theory of beauty and wellness, because beauty and wellness do not always have to come at a price. We’re so proud to offer the amazing benefits of collagen supplementation to you, our valued customer.

Hello, I am Jack.
Thank you for visiting our website.

I am a Co-Founder at Collagen theory. I am also a Medical Doctor with Speciality training in Orthopaedics Surgery so I know a thing or two about bones, cartilages and the benefits of collagen.

We Come Highly Recommended

Collagen theory is the only Collagen product that contains green tea, grape seed and aloe vera which is great for my skin and my weight loss goals. I noticed a more radiant glow to my skin after just 2 weeks! Highly recommended!


Collagen theory’s products are now part of my beauty/fitness ritual and it is a less invasive and less expensive alternative to expensive Collagen fillers that do not last! I use a combination of Collagen theory quality products to achieve and maintain my beauty and fitness goals. The results are amazing!


I have been using Collagen for just over a year now before a friend recommended Collagen theory’s products. I find that is far more superior than all the other products I have tried in terms of overall skin and health benefits. I am happy to join the Collagen Theory Family.


I got Collagen theory SYNERGY for my gran after trying their product myself and seeing great results. She is very pleased and tells me it helped her Joint aches. I don’t suffer with joint aches myself, but I do get bloated and I feel this has helped as well as great skin, hair and nails. They are also fairly priced.


Collagen Theory is my go-to for post workout clean protein supplement. I like that it is all natural, and even the liquid is sugar free. I feel fuller in the mornings when I supplement my porridge with Collagen Theory.


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