How collagen can change your life

Collagen is a wonder supplement. The more we study and research the compound, the more we realise the sheer volume of incredible benefits collagen has. 

Collagen is literally the most available and plentiful protein in the human body. It’s absolutely everywhere. In your skin, your joints, your brain, your tendons, your ligaments, your organs. I mean

EVERYWHERE. So, why are we just now starting to realise the awesome benefits of collagen supplementation?

Well, collagen is a sneaky little protein. For example: when you look at a brick house, you might say “WOW what a BEAUTIFUL BRICK HOUSE!”. You don’t often hear “WOW, that’s an INCREDIBLE MORTAR HOUSE”. While the brick is the facade, and sometimes the support, the MORTAR is what’s holding it all together. Without the mortar, the whole house comes crumbling down.

Likewise, collagen acts as that web, that connectivity that holds your bodily structures together. Without it, you’ll crumble too.

When we’re kids, we produce collagen like little collagen factories. Good, high-quality collagen. The kind of stuff that makes their joints and skin soft and supple. Flexible. Sometimes you might see a kid fall at a playground and think “If I fell like that, I might break every bone in my body”. Yet, after a good cry, children can brush it off and be on their merry way. 

As we age, our collagen production decreases. This is one of the contributing factors to aging. As our collagen decreases, our bodies wear down. Joints become weaker and more prone to injury. Skin becomes drier, less elastic, more wrinkly. 

Basically all of the crappy parts that we hate about getting older, we can attribute to collagen, or lack thereof. Getting older sucks, we know. Luckily for us, collagen supplements have hit the market. And they are changing people’s lives everyday.

Not to get too sappy and inspirational, but collagen can help improve your overall wellness.

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Collagen theory is the only Collagen product that contains green tea, grape seed and aloe vera which is great for my skin and my weight loss goals. I noticed a more radiant glow to my skin after just 2 weeks! Highly recommended!


Collagen theory’s products are now part of my beauty/fitness ritual and it is a less invasive and less expensive alternative to expensive Collagen fillers that do not last! I use a combination of Collagen theory quality products to achieve and maintain my beauty and fitness goals. The results are amazing!


I have been using Collagen for just over a year now before a friend recommended Collagen theory’s products. I find that is far more superior than all the other products I have tried in terms of overall skin and health benefits. I am happy to join the Collagen Theory Family.


I got Collagen theory SYNERGY for my gran after trying their product myself and seeing great results. She is very pleased and tells me it helped her Joint aches. I don’t suffer with joint aches myself, but I do get bloated and I feel this has helped as well as great skin, hair and nails. They are also fairly priced.


Collagen Theory is my go-to for post workout clean protein supplement. I like that it is all natural, and even the liquid is sugar free. I feel fuller in the mornings when I supplement my porridge with Collagen Theory.


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